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Do’s And Don’ts For Keynote Speakers

The goal of every keynote speaker is to change the minds of the audience; to make them realize things they have never considered before. Keynote speakers have the opportunity to persuade and influence a group when they are able to get the right message across.

Compelling materials coupled with the keynote speakers abilities to speak confidently about a subject and provide helpful visuals would contribute to a successful event.


However, there are some things keynote speakers should avoid doing. No matter how good you are in delivering your speech, you should not:

Talk too much about your accomplishments – Although it might be a good idea to let the audience know how accomplished you are as a speaker, it would be best to limit what you tell the audience about yourself. Focus more on the subject and how the audience can benefit from you.

Spend all your time just talking – Yes, although you are a speaker and it is your job to talk to the audience, it is essential that you involve them as well. Ask questions. Do they have objections? Did they have a grasp of what you just talked about? Ask the people at the back too so they would know that you notice them. Asking questions are important as it would tell you the audience understood what you just discussed. It will also tell you if they are interested or bored in your presentation.

Turn offal the lights when you do a presentation – Visuals are important when doing presentations as it would encourage the audience to exercise their creativity. When you show images or a power point presentation, make sure they can still see you talking. The videos or pictures might entertain the audience, but you have made yourself invisible to them.
The list above shows the things you should not do – ever – when doing keynote presentations.




Here is another list keynote speakers should practice in every event.

Do personalize the subject with relevant stories –Your goal is to establish relationship with your audience. To achieve this, your audience needs to trust you. A surefire way to win an audience is to share real-life experiences with them. You will have a greater chance of persuading them to take action if you are able to connect with them.

Do understand the importance of pacing –A keynote speech lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. A fast pace might exhaust your audience, and a slow pace might put them to sleep or bore them. It is essential for keynote speakers to add variety when delivering keynote speeches. They should know when to intensify the presentation, or when to soften it.

Do give your audience a take-away after the presentation –Before you end the presentation and wrap things up, make sure you give them a take-away, something they can use and apply from your presentation.

Do get the right message to your audience –Make sure you are well prepared before you deliver your keynote address to your audience. Review all your materials and keep things simple. If you want to make a lasting impression, bring books to your presentation and give it as souvenirs to the audience. The book should be about the same subject. This would make them remember you and what they have learned from your keynote speech.

Delivering a keynote speech isn’t easy. It takes a lot of experience. If you have just started out as a keynote speaker, do remember all the do’s and don’ts to help you effectively connect to you audience. Over time, you will be able to master it.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary in Playing Golf?

You might have heard that you don’t need a pair of golf shoes when playing golf. Ordinary and comfortable shoes will do, but these ordinary shoes won’t be able to provide the traction that only golf footwear can give. The shoes for playing golf can help you keep sturdy, balanced, and flexible while you swing. Although most tournaments do not require a pair of shoes with spikes, they can help you take your game to the next level and stay in control.

The Balance that the Golf Footwear Provides

As compared to most athletic shoes, the spiked shoes for golf have larger soles. The shoe base is also wider than most shoes. The reason for this is because the golf swing is done while standing still and the golf player needs the larger shoe base for balance.

Athletes or sport enthusiasts who need to run while engaging with their chosen sport such as tennis, basketball, and the likes, do not require the said broad base for their shoes. They need a quick or sustained motion of foot to be able to run swiftly if they need to, golf is a sport that doesn’t require speed.

The Needed Stability

If you try to swing a golf club with only a pair of slippers on, you will notice that your stance becomes awkward and unstable. Your feet have no ability or lack support to stay on the ground. If your shoes can provide more stability as you swing, the better. Most golf shoes have stabilizers that are built-in along the arches’ side to prevent the feet from sliding or shifting side to side. The spikes in traditional golf footwear help keep your feet from sliding when the ground is wet or uneven.


Flexibility of the Golf Footwear

There are several occasions where a golf player must play on an uneven terrain – irregular, hilly, or rolling. You need shoes that can be flexible enough to adapt to the kind of ground that your course has. Lots of times, you will encounter situations (if you are playing on rolling ground) where you need to swing on a cumbersome slope and your shoes need to be flexible in order to deliver that swing without fail – golf shoes can make it possible.

Sports like football, baseball, and the likes, need shoes that will be able to hold the wearer’s ankle and foot in the same place all the time. Golf needs a bit of elasticity in its shoes so that the player can deliver a successful swing.

Utmost Comfort

In a game of golf, a player needs to stand for hours and walk four to six miles at every round. Wearing a pair of shoes not built for such purpose can make the player feel uncomfortable and in the end lose his or her game. You don’t want to experience such a painful defeat (no one does) and all because of a terrible pair of shoes.

Golf footwear is built to provide the utmost comfort for the player whether walking or standing. The shoes allow your feet to breathe and if you are wearing a waterproof pair, then you need not worry so much in case there is water or there’s a sudden downpour. Shoes with padded insoles provide the utmost comfort that you need.

Is golf footwear necessary in playing golf? The answer is yes you need them if you are serious about winning. They are valuable investments and partners that you can rely on. Most golf tournaments may not require you to wear one, but wearing a pair of golf shoes can take you a step closer to victory.