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Things You Need To Know About PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is a service that is essential for clients who needs PCBs tailor made for their projects. We know how important these are for our clients and that is why we make sure that we produce high quality products consistently. However, some people do not know what PCBs are. We decided that we can provide you some basic knowledge about PCBs and PCB fabrication so that you have an idea of what you can expect from our services.

PCBs or printed circuit boards are part of an innovative wave of modern production of electronic parts. A PCB can support and connect electronic components via different materials.

There are a lot of types of PCBs available which are as follows:

• Single Sided PCBs

Printed circuit boardThese are the most basic type of PCB. These have a single layer of conductive material. The presence of a single layer of conductive material restricts their use to low density projects. The low cost of Single Sided PCB fabrication makes it a practical choice when it comes to mass produced simple electronics.

• Double Sided PCB

This is the most commonly used PCB. Since the vias allow routing from the topside and bottom side, it allows for more circuit design flexibility. It is still a relatively low cost PCB that could be very useful for intermediate circuit designs.

• Multilayer PCB

The go to PCB for high powered designs, the multilayer PCB can have of up to more than 30 layers of conductive materials. These extra layers can help regulate and supply more power to the circuit. It also helps in lowering the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) levels which can degrade a circuit’s performance. Multilayer PCB fabrication is a more complicated process overall but is very reliable for high powered projects.

• Aluminum Backed PCBs

If you are having problems about overheating components then the aluminum backed PCB should be your first choice. With the presence of aluminum on your board, the heat will be regulated keeping your high power components cool all the time. This prolongs your circuit’s life along with its components. So if you know that your circuit will be under duress, go for aluminum backed PCBs.

This are just some of PCB types that are available. We can make the best PCB for you according to your project’s needs. We encourage you to communicate your specifications so that we can present the best options for you.

In addition to that, PCBs have a lot of advantages. To give you an idea, here are some of those advantages:

• Risks of short circuits and wrong wirings are minimal since PCBs have their copper tracks embedded on them during fabrication. Each PCB are also perfectly designed using computers that analyze and eliminate any chance of an error.

• It is very easy to mass produce. Once the design has been printed, it can be easily etched to multiple copper boards. This makes producing perfectly identical circuit boards very easy. It also allows you to save money in terms of the cost of reproducing the design.

• Maintenance of PCBs are very easy. Since all the components are fixed and easily identified, you won’t have any problems on determining what procedure you need to do. Maintaining you circuit board can be beneficial for you and your company since you are prolonging its life span and saving your company’s resources.

PCB Fabrication

• It can make mass producing your electronic products. Since PCBs are easily produced by computers then you can reproduce perfect replicas of one design in a snap. Quick production means faster profit. Since it is computerized, the chance of mistake is very minimal.

So those are the advantages of PCBs. We highly recommend that you look into the possibility of trying them. If you choose to work with us, we will assure that you get designs according to your specifications. We assure that you will get your PCBs on time. If you need help with your circuit board, our staff will be happy to assist you.

We pride ourselves with professionalism and high quality products in Imagineering Inc. We will provide you with consistent great service every time you call. We have been in the business for years so you are in safe hands.

Printed circuit boards are a piece of a creative flood of present day generation of electronic parts. are providing the electronic segments of various materials.