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Things You Need To Do Before Selling Your House

Deciding to sell your house is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. You will find yourself in limbo as to whether selling really is a good decision or not. If the house you are selling is your ancestral home or the place that you grew up in, you might even feel a bit of separation anxiety. Despite all these nostalgic feelings and sadness, if you really must sell your house, then do so.

To help make selling your house easier here are some great tips.
1.Remove all your personal belongings

Real estateIt might be hard to remove all the memories and personal items that made this house a home, but this is one of the most effective way to disassociate yourself from your house. By removing personal belongings, the house that you called home can simply be a house or a property that you need to sell. The act of removing personal belongings makes selling the house seem more real if you still have any doubts about whether you should go through with it.

2.Declutter and get your house organized

Any realtor will tell you that a clean and organized property is easier to sell than a messy and cluttered one. Some realtors even hire a decorator to “stage” or make a property look more presentable just to sell it. You want to make sure that anyone looking to buy your house sees it at its best. So go ahead and declutter and clean your house. Once you got everything cleaned out, you can even make a profit from all the stuff you don’t need by holding a garage sale.

3.Repair and improve

Repair and improveRepair any broken fixtures inside and outside your house. Change light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Add a coat of paint to remove any hand prints and dirt that has accumulated on your walls over the years. Replace broken windows and tiles. Trim the hedges and the trees in your lawn or garden. Fix the plumbing. Re-grout tiles in bathrooms.

Make improvements to your property to make it more attractive to buyers. Buyers want something that they can easily move into and not a work in progress. Some realtors say that if you must make any big improvement, it should be done in your kitchen. A nice, spacious and functional kitchen makes a house seem homey, which is a feature that most homeowners look for. Small changes like adding a marble countertop, cleaning the oven, organizing the shelves and drawers can make a kitchen look more put together.

4.Make your house look light and airy

Remove heavy drapes that don’t let the light in and replace them with sheer, white curtains. Open up windows and blinds to make the room look less gloomy. Lighten up the color of the sofa covers and add a little bit of color with some accessories like a throw pillow or flowers. Make the house look inviting and spacious. Natural lighting makes everything look bright and sunny.

5.Clean your house thoroughly

Once you got your house decluttered, and repaired anything that’s broken you should clean the house thoroughly. Vacuum the carpets, mop, sweep and shine the floors, wash the windows inside and out, remove the cobwebs and dust the furniture. Change the bedsheets and put up fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.

6.Get your documents in order

documentMake sure that the documents you need to sell the house are in order. Things like deed of sale and ownership, tax bills, utility contracts and bills, rental or lease agreements and mortgage information should be available. You should speak to your accountant about any tax information that you need to know with regards to the sale of your house. You can also speak to a lawyer specializing in real estate for any legal questions you might have.

7.Find a good realtor

Find a realtor that you are comfortable dealing with. Make sure that he is a licensed realtor and that he is a member of the National Realtors Association. You can check with the local government realtor listings as well for licensed real estate agents.

Selling your home can be hard at first but it can also open up a lot of opportunities for you. It can mean a start of a new life in a new home where you can make more wonderful memories.

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